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Logo and mobile interface for The Respo

We developed a mobile application interface for conducting social surveys, market research for TheRespo. Before the application, the goal was not only to conduct surveys, but also to provide access to the results of the research in the future, as well as reward users for active participation.


First of all, we met with the customer, who meticulously painted the application's functions and goals. For us it was only to realize it. To start with prototypes, carefully describing the functions of each screen and schematically depicting the controls we need.

After all the subtleties were solved at the expense of the interface, we proceeded to paint it:

It took three calls to achieve the desired result, and the client received a ready-made interface design.

Mjolnir thanks Vladimir Lozovoy and his team for the clear statement of the problem and their keen interest in creating a new and interesting one.

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