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Plato Commercial Bank Identity

We did the logo and identity for European commercial bank, specializing in company service. The logo is made of three circles, connecting the soul and body (Plato conception of human duality) with the economic instrument.

The story

First we decided to make a Plato's silhouette, and made a number of variations.

But the client decided to make the logo less connected to the philosopher, more abstract.

Every variation was placed on a card to see how we can design things in PCB style.

But after numerous variations, we decided to have Plato's idea of human duality in form of two circles (body and soul) in form of two circles, connected with the third circle, which represents the bank as a connector between who we are and what we do.

The client asked to get rid of Plato's face at all, so we replaced the face with a PB monogram.

After finishing the logo, we did all the materials needed for the bank. Business cards, uniform, patterns, and general rules on how to use the logo and it's variations.

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