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Mjolnir studio

We design, develop and launch
effective business solutions
for web and more.


Web solutions, interfaces, applications.

Our main goal is improving business relying on web, so we are more of developers with big experience in design.

Making interfaces not only with style but with character is our principle.


We launch world-class websites and mobile applications.

From tiny websites and apps to complex data-analysis and high responsibility and load systems, we aim to deliver best experience both for business and users.

Identity and more

Here in Mjolnir we provide design and support for brands and products.

You can call us to develop a identity, print production, brand management — everything connected to visual communication between you and your customers and users.

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Футболки Национального университета «Киево-Могилянская Академия»

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Круговой календарь на 2015 год

Векторный Иггдрасиль

Solving problems,
not improving them

We are excited to share our approach to design and development, as we believe in it.
Our ultimate goal is to make things work and reach the goals you set, that is what we call
"solving". We can decline a task which is not changing the game, but will only make outdated look modern.

We're open

You can ask us about design and development, offer to make something for you and get consultations. Or just to meet with us :)

It's good idea to ask us for hel with web projects, graphical design, brand management, typography, and much more.

Contact us

Thank you. We'll reply you soon.